Our ACTIVATE programs


to create a momentum

Cultural change needs a "base" that pushes and enables, not paralyzes. ACTIVATE THE BASE provides employees with personal growth that leads to impact, connectivity and development throughout the organization. Create momentum for your transofrmation that is supported and driven from the center of the organization. We help you harness that energy and direct it toward your organization's purpose.

to signal change from above

Development happens when people decide, "Monday morning, I'm going to do something different." ACTIVATE THE LEADERS invites people to experiment and reflect; and to do so close to the organizational values and with the involvement of the employees.


to provide psychological safety

Culture change is successful when employees feel safe, secure and understood in their teams. In times of constant change and crisis, this can no longer be done exclusively by the team leader. ACTIVATE THE TEAM brings teams closer together on a regular basis and outside of daily business. This coached journey takes a huge weight off of your managers.