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Each of us brings his or her own unique skills and experience to the table. This makes us strong and versatile. All team members have a unique personality - with humor, heart, edges and corners. We are all united in our passion for transformation and development. This diversity is our strength - together we achieve great things!

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Diversity is our strength. We are all united by a passion for people in transformation.

  • Traudl Burgmair

    Traudl Burgmair

    Mentor / coaching for women

    20 years of experience in top management and my enthusiasm for people and leadership are the pillars of my consulting activities. Humanity paired with result orientation are for me the cornerstones for success and sustainability. A special concern of mine are women in leadership or with leadership potential, whom I support - powerful, feminine and successful - to go their way.

  • Dagmar Dittmann

    Dagmar Dittmann

    Conflict manager / organizational developer / trainer

    With practical experience and studies in organizational development, I am an expert in supporting change processes. I consult on these with a specific view on all types of relationships within the system. One topic that is particularly close to my heart is the implementation of a better work-life balance in organizations.

  • Dr. Astrid Dobmeier

    Dr. Astrid Dobmeier

    Systemic consultant / transformation coach

    As an expert in Systemic Transformational Coaching and Self-Reflection, leaders and teams come to me when things get complex or complicated - and when process consulting and change facilitation is needed to help. #change architectures #team coaching #coaching

  • Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Eckert

    Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Eckert

    Communication Consultant / Change Manager

    In order for changes to be effective, sustainable relationships are needed. I support people in organizations in building and maintaining these relationships. With a view to culture, context and competencies, I support all participants - with appropriate tools, formats and content.

  • Eva Egartner

    Eva Egartner

    Graduate psychologist / systemic coach / leadership trainer

    If you yourself or your organization are in transition, you have come to the right place. I enable companies, mainly social organizations, as well as leaders or people who want to become leaders, to take paths of change. My motto is: Life is change and change is life.

  • Jürgen Ganserer

    Jürgen Ganserer

    Psychoanalyst / Leadership Coach / Organizational Consultant

    My expertise encompasses two, at first glance, very different areas. 17 years as a personnel developer and HR manager in a large company and over 10 years of clinical experience, since 2017 as a psychoanalyst and therapist in private practice. What both have in common is my commitment to enabling personal development: recognizing and promoting resources and potentials - making resistance aware and dissolving it - whether in the individual or in the team.

  • Karl-Heinz Große Peclum

    Karl-Heinz Große Peclum

    Social Scientist / Senior Consultant / HR and Change Management

    My passion is to activate people so that they burn for their goals, dreams and attitudes. If they are given the right tools, organizations can grow faster than ever before and generate an impact for their customers and their environment.

  • Jochen Haase

    Jochen Haase

    Sports scientist / mountain guide / team developer

    For 30 years I have been traveling worldwide as a mountain guide. During this time, I have climbed eight-thousanders with guests, been on the road in Antarctica and led guests through difficult alpine walls. For 20 years I have been coaching teams and leaders in and out of the mountains and in virtual space. I design leadership retreats and inspire leaders with my experiences from the mountain leadership world.

  • Merle Nölkensmeier

    Business Psychologist / Project Manager / Assistant Consultant

    The smooth running of customer projects is close to my heart. If there are any questions or problems, I try to clarify and solve them as quickly as possible. I also support the consultants to achieve a perfect overall result. The work with people in coaching and the progress through it inspire me and are my motivation!

  • Barbara Ott

    Barbara Ott

    Graduate psychologist / business coach / leadership trainer

    When the content and manner of daily work correspond to one's own desires, joy, enthusiasm and meaning arises. To the best of my knowledge, I contribute to this with my expertise by supporting people in their professional (further) development.

  • Georg Pfreimer

    Georg Pfreimer

    Diplom Betriebswirt / Leadership Coach / Strengthsfinder Coach Gallup Strengths Coach

    As a trainer, consultant and coach, I offer my clients a wealth of systemic experience and expertise in working with employees and managers at all levels, as well as with teams and organizations. In doing so, I very much enjoy incorporating new trends (e.g. Agile Work, New Work) in order to ensure successful and sustainable development and transformation processes with a holistic view. My passion is the unconditional orientation and use of strengths and resources, which I also put into practice very systematically as a certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

  • David Schnell

    David Schnell

    Expert in diagnosis, design and development of organizations

    Through my OSTO system diagnosis, I identify the "blind spots" of the organization and thus create clarity about its nature. In order to preserve as much as possible of the functional and reduce the dysfunctional, I give direction as to which adjustments my clients should make so that the potential of the organization can unfold sustainably. As a passionate consultant, trainer, coach and psychotherapist, I accompany my clients on this journey.

  • Rebecca Steigenberger

    Rebecca Steigenberger

    Business Development / Product Development

    In product development, I rely on a holistic approach that focuses on the human being. With this social-systemic view I try to establish connections between different fields of knowledge - in order to create the most efficient methods and techniques for the life as well as the work of people. I am especially interested in User Centered Design, optimized human-technology interaction, psychological aspects as well as social systems in organizations. With my work I want to help people to start their day with joy and to help them to ease their everyday life.

  • Dr. Eva Strasser

    Dr. Eva Strasser

    Graduate Psychologist / Board Member / Change Management Consultant

    Learning, development and transformation of people, teams and companies have interested me for more than 30 years as a psychologist, trainer and coach. Companies grow when people are given a space for co-design and initiative. People grow when the workplace offers encouragement and challenge and you can make things happen.

  • Marlene Strasser

    Board Member / Change Management Consulting / Business Development

    My passion is to activate people so that they know and fight for their goals, dreams and values. If employees and leaders are given the right tools, organizations can use and channel this energy and grow faster than ever before to generate an impact for their customers and their environment.

  • Dr. Ulrike Strasser

    Dr. Ulrike Strasser

    Organizational Coach / Executive Coach / Generational Researcher

    In change, a dominant system is replaced and an emergent system makes room for itself. I accompany the involved executives and employees as a systemic consultant and coach. Age and generational affiliation play an important role. #CrossGenerational

  • Dr. Veronika Sweet

    Dr. Veronika Sweet

    Communication Scientist/ Senior Change Consultant/ Coach

    I sensitize employees and managers to systemic perspectives in their change processes. The more intercultural and multilingual, the better. In doing so, I combine the perspective as a practitioner with that as an academic: The scientific basis of my work is international research on M&A as a special form of change management Communication Scientist/ Senior Change Consultant/ Coach. The impact of narratives on the emotions of middle managers is my specialty here. I work in coaching for individuals, impulses for change communication for several, the view on change and culture for all in the organization.

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