Conflict Coaching

All-Party and Systemic Conflict Management

We offer coaching in conflict situations and conflict management seminars for teams and executives. This is a method we have developed over the years, which makes one's own needs perceptible, encourages a change of perspective and empathy. In a moderated dialogue, common solutions are developed.

Conflict Coaching

What makes us special:

We have been accompanying conflicts in companies or teams for many years using a systemic approach. In doing so, we consider the parties involved in the conflict and all systems relevant to them. Methods of family therapy and systemic organizational consulting are combined for problem solving.

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Awareness:In the first step, we support the parties involved in recognizing their own emotions and needs. Goals are identified and classified according to importance so that the negotiation can be conducted in a targeted manner.

Activation:For conflicts to be resolved sustainably, the surrounding system should also be considered and involved. For this purpose, we develop a powerful external communication and involve all relevant stakeholders.

Acceleration:In order to reduce conflict situations in the long term, it makes sense to proactively train and reflect on conflict management methods with managers. This lays the foundation for good communication in everyday working life.

Why invest in conflict coaching?

We think about the whole system

An intricate conflict situation

Conflicts within a system often smolder hidden for a long time. If the conflict escalates, the team is usually unable to work out solutions on its own. In such situations, a conflict coach trained for this purpose is a helpful support.

The goal in sight

Through a mix of individual and group discussions, clarity can emerge on where and how the conflict came about. In addition, levers and negotiation spaces are identified in order to set out on the road to recovery.

A structured approach to dealing with conflicts

A prerequisite for dealing with conflicts in a structured manner is a manager who supports the process and participants who dare to change their perspectives. Everyone should be able to understand the differences between the divergent perspectives.

Our theoretical approach

This is how we understand conflict coaching


to get personal

In our ACTIVATE THE TEAM program, the team talks in depth about conflicts, personal values, strengths, needs and goals. This gives employees the opportunity to respond more individually to colleagues and to talk more openly about differences. Together, a team action is developed and implemented in the company. This process creates togetherness and resolves conflicts.


to promote dialogue about controversial topics

In our ACTIVATE THE LEADERS program, managers seek dialog with their employees at many interfaces. In this way, conflict issues are brought to light where team members see challenges in working together. Through this process, leaders can acquire conflict resolution skills and proactively address them.


to make personal connections with other departments

Conflicts do not only take place within one's own team, but often also with other departments. Through our ACTIVATE THE BASE program, a cross-functional get-to-know-you and an exchange of personal values and views takes place outside of the daily work routine. Getting to know each other on this basis can avoid conflicts in the long term.

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