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Intergenerational Dialogue, Workplace Activism, and Speak-up Culture as Keys to Retention.

Employee retention Consulting

What makes us special:

The problem is enormous and the answer complex: Since the Corona pandemic, the inhibition threshold to change a job has dropped extremely. The term "Great Resignation" comes up more and more often. We conduct intensive research on this topic and develop innovative programs aimed at creating a dialogue between executives and target groups defined by you. Our focus: the needs and attitudes of Generation Y/Z - a generation "who wants it all".

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Awareness:We use diagnostic tools and methods that probe the future viability of companies in terms of employer branding and employee retention measures for Generation Y/Z. This makes the gaps clearly visible and the right levers can be set in motion. Such as changing the leadership and corporate culture or better employer marketing.

Activation:However, the future will not be shaped exclusively by building a culture that binds only young people. It is much more about creating a dialogue between generations that clarifies the needs of all and makes the motivations for certain attitudes understandable.

Acceleration:The company grows when people grow. When everyone is given adequate space for personal growth (young and old together), dynamism can emerge. We develop programs that do just that: Create and accompany free spaces for growth and being active.

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Employers need to rethink - NOW!

The willingness of employees to change their jobs is enormous (Great Resignation). Therefore, employer attractiveness and employee retention is a TOP PRIORITY for organizations. Four reasons why employees change jobs faster:

Because they can!

No more stigma attached to changing jobs - Greater confidence and more readily available information are reasons why the barrier to leaving a job is so much lower these days.

Because they are upset!

A McKinsey study showed that most "job-leavers" cited an insufficiently caring manager. Lack of prospects and career opportunities were also among the reasons.

Because they are exhausted!

Burnout rates have increased rapidly since the Corona pandemic. One-third of all workers always or very often feel burned out at work (Gallup 2022). On Glassdoor, mentions of burnout increased by more than 40 percent (2022 vs 20219).

Because they care!

For Generation Y/Z in particular, "Meaning" and "Value Congruence" is one of the most important factors when they start looking for a job (a top priority for 62%). The employer's attitude to social issues plays a major role.

Why is Generation Z so central to employee retention?

Our answers

What else do we managers have to do?

The demanding attitude of the younger generations overwhelms and, in short, "annoys" just about all middle managers. And with good reason: The desire for quick, situational feedback, the demand for a coaching boss, the required consideration for mental health, and the demand for quick assumption of responsibility is in itself almost impossible to fulfill. Now, however, the challenges of the VUCA world are also added. How do you reconcile all of this?

A new attitude

Through our workshops, coaching and ACTIVATE programs, we support executives in managing this balancing act successfully and healthily. Together we develop an attitude towards a generation "who want it all", who will possibly leave the company again after two years. We sensitize managers, we work on their communication and we shed light on the meaning of "impact" for the young generation. In the future, this know-how will not only be a "nice to have" but an absolute must for employee retention.

Lower answer

Of course, a change in leadership attitude can make a big difference. After all, 34% of employees leave their company because of "uncaring and uninspiring leaders" (McKinsey Study 2022). However, we also recommend that you start directly with the employees. This is where our work-focused, digital ACTIVATE programs can make a real difference. Although not an explicit retention program, it triggers a cultural change that focuses on strengthening the talents of the company's top performers and thus makes a real contribution to an attractive employer brand.

Accelerate the creation of a culture that retains talent.


enable the shift from "knower" to "learner"

Our ACTIVATE THE LEADERS program empowers leaders to question their own attitudes toward leadership. Together with other leaders, the following questions are addressed and put into action: How can I respond to the needs of younger generations without burning out myself? How much freedom (and where) can I give my employees without it overwhelming me? When can I benefit most from different perspectives? How do I deal with controversial issues, and how do I remain fair and authentic? The ACTIVATE THE LEADERS program starts with leadership and places employee motivation, retention, and staff development in the purview of managers.


to trigger broad culture change

The ACTIVATE THE BASE program covers the needs of Gen Y/Z at the organizational level. It gives motivated employees the opportunity to reflect on their values and strengths and actively live them in their company. We call this "Workplace Activism." We understand this as the possibility to pursue self-organized goals with actions that go beyond the role and duties in the company and one's own role. We are convinced that the energy that is generated can be of great benefit to you as an employer and to the workplace as a whole. Within the framework of the program, we help you to channel the energy that has been created and to direct it in ways that pay off in terms of your organizational goals. As a side effect, ACTIVATE THE BASE is excellent as a retention program.


to ease the load of middle managers

Now, if leadership has set out to make a change in their leadership mindset, the next question is: How do I implement this day in and day out so that my staff perceives a difference? ACTIVATE THE TEAM addresses this question by providing a framework for leaders to talk with their teams about values, strengths, and a team vision in a guided 12-week program. In weekly online sessions, a team project is then developed in which motivated team members are given the opportunity to generate an impact independently and on their own responsibility. As a manager, you are thus noticeably relieved and can specifically cover the wishes of Gen Y/Z in this program.

Eight facts about Generation Z

The first "pure digital native generation

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