Coaching Female Leaders

Making women successful in leadership

Standing up for values and goals - reflecting on beliefs - influencing through female strength and thus moving the system.

Coaching Female Leaders

Why with us?

The empowerment of women in the professional world is a topic close to our hearts. With strong female leaders in our own company, we know firsthand the struggles of dealing with barriers and conflicting life dreams. Our vision is for every woman to feel and their deserved impact in the world.

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Awareness:Focus on yourself, your own goals, visions and dreams! Women tend to put the expectations of others before their own. We start the coaching process with inner clarity about one's own desires.

Activation:In our coaching process for women, we question mental models and beliefs and jointly analyze the professional and private environment. In this way, plans can be made that lead to success and self-efficacy.

Acceleration:Real change can only happen if the system also moves. We inspire women to empower other women and support companies in their transformation to more gender diversity.

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Why invest in coaching for women

The feeling of not being enough

The expectations placed on women (by themselves and by their environment) are immense. Whether in disciplinary, professional or family leadership, we often experience how women feel overwhelmed and helpless by the conflicting demands.

Confidence, Voice and Influence

Taking leadership and responsibility is the first step to self-efficacy. We encourage women to work on themselves, as well as the systems that are relevant to them. We believe that women should shine confidently with their desires, competencies and passions.

Powerful Allies

We do not have a "one size fits all" recipe. Rather, we believe that women need a strong network of role models, sponsors and fellow campaigners who support the inner growth and learning process and help drive the systemic und structural development process.

Awareness and sustainable gender diversity through our ACTIVATE programs.


to learn from different views

In our ACTIVATE the Leaders program, managers engage in a personal growth process and build their leadership strengths. To advance gender diversity, we recommend mixed groups in which the perspectives of women and men are juxtaposed and made discussable.


to create a safe environment

Personal coaching for women in leadership is not enough to bring about structural change. Through our ACTIVATE the Team program, teams reflect on their attitudes, needs and values. This creates a culture in which both women and men feel comfortable - close to the workplace and embedded in everyday life.


to start empowerment early

The empowerment of women begins long before they are in leadership positions and forge a career path. In the ACTIVATE the Base program, high potentials learn how to exercise influence and leadership even without a hierarchical management position. In this way, they independently build a network, a strong voice and a strong profile.

»The Strasser & Strasser approach has greatly strengthened my personal development. I have been able to achieve real added value as a cultural ambassador in our company. In this process, Marlene Strasser has motivated me again and again to take on leadership even without a management position. I am very grateful to her for that.«

Senta Di Dio
Senta Di Dio
Aptiv PLC Quality Manager

Why Strasser & Strasser

As a leading company for change management and consulting, Strasser & Strasser works at the interface to the future of our clients: We move organizations from the big picture to the individual.

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Established:Over 25 years of successful change management consulting

Profound:Scientific-psychological approach

Innovative:Digital Change Management Solutions

Participatory:Co-Creation with our clients

Personal:Owner managed company

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