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A new demand is haunting the corporate world. People want to be more active in the company. Does that mean they want to work even harder? Probably not. What seems to be important is how actively they can contribute as "whole people".

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Strategic management development

Strategic management development: marketing agency of a nationwide retail company

The reorganization of the management systems is a complex task. Through a value-based approach, powerful and target group-oriented change communication combined with empowerment training for junior executives, management processes were standardized, management tools successfully established and corporate identification strengthened.

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Marlene Strasser

The digital Space - What cannot be seen, cannot be judged.

In my short article "The digital Space - What cannot be seen, cannot be judged. A Pregnant Entrepreneur's View in the Era of Mobile Work!", I explored what it means for our interactions at work when they take place exclusively in the digital space. I am convinced that this additional freedom to decide what we want to share with others is a crucial factor for more inclusion, diversity and equality in the workplace.

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