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Change Management Consulting

What makes us special:

Our +25 years of change management experience with established, scientifically proven methodologies makes us a trusted partner for companies and leaders seeking to thrive in these complex times. In our specialized consulting services, we place the highest value on human-centered work and psychological expertise to provide successful solution strategies for your organization.

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Awareness:Through an in-depth change impact analysis and associated opportunity risk report, we create awareness of the significance of transformation and develop a powerful change story - a message that drives change.

Activation:Information, dialog, co-design and co-decision. In order to address our target groups in the best possible way, we define for each change topic which formats best reach the target groups to ensure optimal involvement of all stakeholders.

Acceleration:We develop a customized change strategy that is driven forward in the long term through activation and participation. We focus on communication and transparency through change management seminars, workshops, facilitation, training and coaching.

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Why Change Management Consulting?

Transformation in fast-moving times

Today's business environment is characterized by rapid development, which requires companies to act quickly in order to remain competitive. To keep up with the pace of change, we recommend with our Change Management that you actively involve all levels and areas within your company through targeted transformation initiatives - this is the only way to really take advantage of potential growth opportunities.

First class change management

Our work involves more than just designing slides for executives - we like to go deep and deal with long-term challenges and the successful implementation of solution strategies. Our approach is based on the principles of the Learning Organization as outlined by Peter Senge and proven in organizations worldwide.

Long-term partner

In Co-Creation, we accompany you with customized consulting in the long term for change processes, digitalization, and all kinds of transformation. Our solutions for strategic change are designed not only to encourage those affected, but also to actively involve them in the process. We know it's hard - that's why we specialize in working with you to develop a story that transforms your strategy into a powerful story of progress and future achievement for everyone involved.

Designing Change Management Successfully and Sustainably - Our Theoretical Approach

In order to make change management effective in the long term, the following 8 levers should be set in motion

The journey continues: Creating sustainability through our ACTIVATE programs


to inspire with involvement

Our ACTIVATE THE LEADERS program helps leaders become successful mentors for change. It gives them the tools to pursue their personal values, build on their strengths, and develop a powerful vision that inspires others - to successfully meet the challenges of change.


to share the spirit

Unleash your potential and drive change with a shared vision. Our ACTIVATE THE TEAM program creates an environment that fosters safety, teamwork and connectedness - so your team can thrive!


to foster the change

To ensure lasting change, organizations must motivate their employees to actively participate. ACTIVATE THE BASE ignites enthusiasm and spurs action. This is how you ensure long-term success, which is necessary for business growth.

»Care, Trust, Respect, Active Listening and Support are the core values of our leadership and collaboration at Südwolle. The company Strasser & Strasser has been supporting us for 4 years with coaching, consulting and workshop facilitation to implement these values sustainably and effectively in action. In addition to the high level of professionalism and experience, we particularly appreciate the fact that these values can also be strongly experienced in our cooperation.«

Manfred Heinrich
Manfred Heinrich
Management Board & Managing Director Technology Südwolle Group

Why Strasser & Strasser

As a leading company for change management and consulting, Strasser & Strasser works at the interface to the future of our clients: We move organizations from the big picture to the individual.

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Established:Over 25 years of successful change management consulting

Profound:Scientific-psychological approach

Innovative:Digital Change Management Solutions

Participatory:Co-Creation with our clients

Personal:Owner managed company

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