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New Work Consulting

What makes us special

With our systemic approach, which focuses on people, we are the perfect partner for New Work consulting. We focus on empowerment, agility and ownership of your employees for business success. Let us create visions and strategies together to realize a successful New Work culture in your company.

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Awareness:Our New Work consulting process begins with setting clear goals and expectations. This enables us to move forward together and develop suitable concepts tailored to your needs.

Activation:Our goal is to promote creativity and participation in the development of a New Work culture. Here, the focus is on people. From the creation of inspiring office spaces, implementation of new coworking concepts to the implementation of various measures for digitalization.

Acceleration:Our team works with four participation models - information, dialog, co-design and co-decision - which are specifically tailored to the respective topic area or target group. With our recipe for success for a successful New Work culture.

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Why New Work Consulting?

New Work - the solution to all problems?

Everyone is talking about the revolutionary new way of working that promises a future full of satisfied employees and high productivity. But this modern ideal is not easy to implement - to make it work, companies need strong leadership, meticulous organization and transparent data management!

The right implementation

We help you identify the right change projects, communicate the methods transparently to your employees and thereby develop an enriching New Work culture. Successfully implementing new ways of working is the key to success - we design them along your needs and principles.

A healthy organization in the digital age

New Work creates a culture of collaboration and promotes employee freedom, independence and participation. Successful implementation of a New Work corporate culture can provide an ideal solution that satisfies both employers and employees of all generations with the end results - better performance while maintaining high levels of satisfaction and self-determination.

Designing New Work successfully and sustainably - Our theoretical approach

To make New Work sustainably effective, the following 8 levers should be set in motion:

Accelerate the Change to New Work now - through our ACTIVATE programs


to lead the future work

Seizing the opportunities of New Work and addressing the needs of different generations in a New Work culture requires a strong leadership culture. With our ACTIVATE THE LEADERS program, we empower leaders to realize their full potential by equipping them with resources that foster innovative thinking and pave the way for progress.


to develop personality

New Work places a special emphasis on the creation of meaning and personal development in the workplace. With our ACTIVATE THE TEAM program, you create the best conditions for an enriching New Work culture in your organization. Our 12-week program helps your team to grow together, to maximize potential and to integrate their own needs into the daily work routine in a self-determined way.


to nurture self efficacy

Our ACTIVATE THE BASE program supports your employees in working in a self-determined and responsible manner, in line with the New Work concept. Co-determination and active participation are a top priority at ACTIVATE THE BASE, which focuses on the personal development and responsibility of your employee base. There is a special opportunity here for young future talents. Give Generation Y/Z the opportunity to contribute their needs through active participation and promote cross-generational exchange!

»Corinna Schmeykal«

Corinna Schmeykal
We successfully deployed the "ACTIVATE THE BASE" program - [...] close to the workplace, pragmatic and effective. Energy and forward momentum emerged, carried from the heart of the organization. Strasser & Strasser provided the content and structure of the learning journey and facilitated leadership involvement. I am thrilled with the feedback from participants and the outcome, and proud to have piloted such an innovative project.
Head of Group HR - Quanos Solutions GmbH

Why Strasser & Strasser

As a leading company for change management and consulting, Strasser & Strasser works at the interface to the future of our clients: We move organizations from the big picture to the individual.

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Established:Over 25 years of successful change management consulting

Profound:Scientific-psychological approach

Innovative:Digital Change Management Solutions

Participatory:Co-Creation with our clients

Personal:Owner managed company

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